Under the son
Black Bear hunts

Fully Guided. Bow or Gun.

Limited Hunting Dates

Oct. 17 - Nov. 19

Dec. 12 - Jan. 2

Season limit 1 Bear per hunter

Fully Guided Hunt

1 Day Costs $800/hunter

2 Day Costs $1500/hunter

3 Day Costs $2200/hunter

Doesn't Include!


Meals & Lodging



Please feel free to call Richard Meachum 813-650-4831 or email him at meachumjr@hotmail.com for more details

Nonresidents hunting bear must possess a bear hunting license (See page 9). Restrictions It is unlawful to do any of the following: l Take a cub (less than 75 pounds)or a female bear with cub(s).


Note: Further game land restrictions may apply. See the Game Lands section for specific game land rules.

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