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Quail hunts

Private Quail Hunts

At Deep Creek Quail Preserve our private quail hunting can accommodate from 2 to 4 hunters. So bring your family or we can take small corporate groups for a fun filled day of quail hunting. At Under The SON Outfitters, we strive for you to have a quail hunting experience that you will share with others. Please take the time to read what we have to offer for you at Deep Creek Ranch, located in Volusia County, Florida.

Full Day Hunt


Costs $375/hunter

Maximum 4 hunters

Limit of 15 birds/hunter

What's Included?


Bird Dogs

Cart Transportation

Lunch On the Porch

Quail to take home


Please feel free to call Richard Meachum

813-650-4831 or email him at meachumjr@hotmail.com or
Jessie Burrell at (281) 460-8774 deepwoodsprojext77@yahoo.com for your next step toward your Slam!

See You On The Birds!

Under the son
Dove hunts

Dove season begins in September and we are taking group reservation for your Dove hunts now. Book early so you can get your spot. Dove Hunts will be hosted on private land and lunch will be provided. We look forward to seeing you in the field. Shooting Hours for the first phase is from noon to sunset, second and third phase is half hour before sunrise to sunset

2015-16 Season Dates

(1st Phase) Sep. 24 - Oct. 24

(2nd Phase) Nov. 12 -Dec. 5

(3rd Phase) Dec. 12 - Jan. 15

Full Day Hunt

Costs $75/hunter

13-15 years old $25/kid

Location: Ft Meade, Florida

Bag Limit: daily 15 /day

Bag Limit: possession 45 /day

What's Included?


Food & Snacks

Cart Transportation

Drinks & Snacks


Please feel free to call Richard Meachum or email him at: meachumjr@hotmail.com for your next step toward your hunt!

All hunters must be in Compliance with all local rules, regulations, and statues and regulations of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission